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Monday 1st April 201916:00Street Dancing
19:30Holmchase Choir
Tuesday 2nd April 201910:00Pilates
13:15Lent Group (Lent for Busy People)
Wednesday 3rd April 201909:30Toddler Group
19:30Wednesday Group - Board Games and Cards at Georgetown
Thursday 4th April 201910:00Coffee Morning
10:30Thursday Prayers
12:00Brighter Futures
Friday 5th April 201916:00Love Theatre
Sunday 7th April 201910:30Morning Service: Rev D Wheadon
18:30Evening Service: Rev N Hilmy-Jones
Monday 8th April 201919:30Holmchase Choir
Sunday 14th April 201910:30Palm Sunday: Circuit Service at St Martin
18:30Evening Service: Rev D Wheadon
Monday 15th April 201919:30Holmchase Choir
Wednesday 17th April 201912:00Soup and Hot Cross Buns
14:00Holy Week Communion Service (led by Rev G Halls)
Thursday 18th April 201919:30Maundy Thursday Service at Ebenezer
Friday 19th April 201910:30Good Friday Service at SHMC
Upstairs for Worship, downstairs for All Age Worship
Sunday 21st April 201910:30Easter Day: Holy Communion led by Rev G halls
Monday 22nd April 201919:30Holmchase Choir
Tuesday 23rd April 201910:00Pilates
Thursday 25th April 201910:00Coffee Morning
10:30Thursday Prayers
12:00Brighter Futures
18:00MIND meeting
Sunday 28th April 201910:30Morning Service: Rev Debbie Poole
18:30Evening Service: Rev J Pathmarajah
Monday 29th April 201919:30Holmchase Choir
Tuesday 30th April 201910:00Pilates
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