Prayer for the Week

A liturgy for Lent that links the journey of Lent with the rhythm of the seasons.  Just as spring is a time of intense agricultural activity after the barrenness and apparent death of winter, so Lent is a time of transition for the land of our hearts, when God is bringing out of bitter coldness a ripe and fruitful harvest.  Our plant pot represents the various stages of preparation of the land in readiness for Easter.


Jesus, you ask only for that which we can give.
May we willingly take on the bridle of service
and embrace the bit of docility,
that we may be used by you
in whatever way you wish.
You give us very clear directions for our lives.
Help us to follow the path that you reveal
and not run away from the cross,
which will bring us new life.
Hosanna to you, Lord Jesus.

May we always proclaim the wonders
of your unconditional love for all your people
in all that we say and all that we do.
Let there be no difference between what we proclaim and who we are,
so that your name may be honoured
and your love might be revealed
in the marketplace of our lives.
Hosanna to you, Lord Jesus.

Copyright Roots, reproduced with permission